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Day 21
Sunday - November 11, 2012 7:00 PM

Matt leaves in his car, my beautiful Australian Shepard is glad Iím here. But she is a bit weird. Something is not right but nothing clicks. I was anticipating my wife to be there, she sent some coffee with Matt. Then I realize that the motorhome is gone and our enclosed motorcycle trailer is also gone. That is weird. I finally decided to walk in the house. I turn on the lights. The house is different. The house is empty.

My wife has left me. Oh wow. My head feels light, I reach for balance on the hall way wall. I walk into the kitchen. I believe if I were hit across the head with a baseball bat right then I would not have felt it. Iím not sure I would now.

I go back into the garage. My dog looks like she is about to cry. I walk over to Jo Jo.

Hey girl. itís been a hell of a ride. So far and yet so close. But you know what Jo Jo, you did good girl. A mineralogy professor once told me; do not be discouraged, you flunk but you flunk high.

Thanks for riding alone with me. Thanks to LakeRider in Virginia, large thank you to Curtis and as always, my wing man, my brother Ray and Chris Beck at ttp://www.fastbeckí I never read where people say thank you to This forum has been an incredible resource, only made possible by incredible people like you.

Jo Jo made it 3,013 miles. 21 days of riding from Virginia to New Mexico. Three years of riding experience in 21 days. When I grow up, I wonna be an Adventure Rider.
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