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Originally Posted by jackhammer50 View Post

These pictures of yours show exactly the way I adjusted the valves last night... and are the very same ones I used while I was doing it. The valves were just too tight. I'm pretty sure the last tech that was in there didn't hold the adjustment screw while he tightened the lock nut.

Last night when I did the adjustments I used the two feeler gauge method. (four for each side)

After all the feedback this morning, I pulled the covers off again and checked my adjustments using your method with the single gauge across both valves. -Then pulled from the middle to check the tension was uniform. I think I got them closer this way.

The bike is running fine now, but still just a little rough at idle.

So I then balanced the throttle bodies at 3800 RPM with a harmonizer. They were off a bit. Got the smiley face and figured I was done.

It didn't affect the idle though. Shakes the gps mount pretty bad but if I blip the throttle it smooths right out.

Yeah, sounds like the last tech didn't get the valves right.

The stepper motors control the idle, so you won't see any improvement in smoothness at idle from the standard TB sync. If you have access, a GS-911 "might" improve idle smotthness by completing an idle (stepper motor) calibration.

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