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No sleep, bad weather and weddings to make

Flew back to AK for a few weeks of work an a little play. Woody’s had my bike for about 5 weeks. They could have done it faster but I had no need for it to be done any sooner.

So here goes with my schedule to make it to my buddies wedding. Fly red-eye Tuesday night(that’s the earliest I could get out of work), land in Denver at 11:00 am Wednesday. Super Shuttle to Woody’s no later than noon, which is about an hour with traffic. Get everything sorted and be on the road by 2, 3 at the latest to make rehearsal for the wedding tomorrow(Thursday) at 5 PM. So about 880 miles in less than a day and a half. Harder than I like to ride but very doable.

Speed Bump numero uno - Super shuttle is not leaving the airport until 130 and has 4 other people to drop off at various locations. I tell sweet understanding counter lady(sarcasm) that when I booked the shuttle they guaranteed a departure by noon. She looks blankly at me then says “well its 1:30”. I ask about other shuttles and she says one just left. I think but do not say:Oh well thank you for that very helpful information. For some reason I did not sleep on my flights and I always sleep on planes. So I know that I am a little edgy so I just turn and walk away. Super shuttle lady is not my friend and I decide it is just best at this point to get a refund. Oh well time to adjust and make it happen. $23 dollar shuttle canceled hello $75 dollar cab ride!!!

Speed bump numero dos - Time constraint pressure continues to build because now I hear about the big snowstorm coming in tonight. I look to my right out the cab window and see said storm on the horizon. Hello anxiety my old friend how I missed you since sweet counter lady! Haha. Cab driver was cool we bs’d on the drive and he gets me to Woodys about 1:30.

I say hello to Jill one of the great people at Woodys and she says “Hey! How are you? You look tired! Want me to set up a cot?” Very sweet but no time and thank you. I must beat the storm and get at least a couple of hours south of Denver.

I have a bunch of stuff that I ordered sitting in boxes at Woodys. Riding gear and biked stored safe and sound along with way too much stuff I brought and accumulated from my rides. Flying and riding is almost as much logistics as riding but I am lucky to have the time I do to ride. Thank you 2 week on 2 week off schedule.

Bike with the whole new shop to itself!!!

Look at those rad new tires and rims!!! I had some life left on y old read tire and Woodys put it back on to get me to AZ. No sense using up a brand new tire on a high speed run to AZ. New Heidenau in Scottsdale before I cross the border.

Wider. Amazing photo and use of finger for perspective!

One the road about 3 and keep staring at dark clouds to my right scary!
Speed bump numero tres –Clouds are not as scary as the gale force winds I encounter on the hwy south of Denver on my way to NM. It feels like I am riding at a 45 degree angle. Random dude at a gas station starts chatting me up. I ask if he came from the south and if the wind is as bad? “Yep I came from south and the wind is very bad so be careful and hold onto the bars tight!! “ I laugh and head out feeling surprisingly good for not having slept for 48 hours at this point. Making good time but the wind is beating me down. I am on the white line all the way to the right and the gusts are bowing me all the way to the middle of the other lane. Luckily I have both Southbound lanes all to myself. Long day and the wind seems to be getting worse. 350 plus miles and off the road in a dumpy little hotel in Las Vegas NM. Up early to charge it tomorrow.

Once I get settled in for the night I see there is a high wind advisory for the Las Vegas, NM area overnight and that Denver is a white out!! I dont like to be on such a schedule but looks like having to rush out of Denver was good thing. Storm lasted 3 days and I would have been flying to the wedding in AZ.
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