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I'm still eyeballing a new stator on ebay for 65 with free shipping to try out.[/QUOTE]

I saw that one on ebay also. I just don't know about it. Sounds to good to be true usually is junk. My shallow wallet says buy it. My common sense tells me it is junk. I think better off to buy the ricky. I don't really want to, but after looking at the other stator I have already and seeing how bad it is. I just don't think it makes sense to fiddle around trying to fix this one. If it is not a bad wire obvious thing I am not gonna mess around with it much. How many times your put a alternator in your old car? Well alternator is almost 30 yrs old in the XL. Know what i mean? I know what you mean about wallet though. Hard to shell out 150 bucks for the old bike when you have wife 4 kids and Christmas around the corner.

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