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Yes, I'm biased and proud of it!

The looks of the 950/990 tend to polarise opinions. You rarely hear anyway say "Oh, it looks OK, I suppose" - it's all "Yuk!" or "Gimme! Gimme!"

The technology of my 990 is just about as much as I want without adding unnecessary complex electronics which WILL end up costing money to repair/replace/service in the future. I would have ditched the ABS if it had been available without it (R model was just a little too tall and 'unfinished' for me).

I bought my 990 with my eyes wide open to the poor (for an ADV) range, short intervals for maintenance and 'disadvantages' of the tubed type tyres. I'm a 95% road rider but really enjoy going off-road so for me, the compromises are acceptable to give me the 'go anywhere at anytime' feeling. I'm also happy to get the spanners out so I guess I suit the bike as much as it suits me!

I think the 1190 will be a good bike and the standard model certainly has some advantage on the road. I imagine the R model will at least equal the 9x0 off-road until that first silencer-crushing drop . Someone will develop a protection solution but with what effect on ground clearance & weight? It would have been better if KTM had at least put the silencer up higher and closer to the subframe like the one on my 955i Tiger (which was well protected in a drop). Compared to the other 1200 adventure bikes, however, the 1190 R is going to be a winner off-road .

Personally, I prefer the unique look of the 9x0 with it's Dr. Who alien looks and flanking fuel tanks. These (admittedly undersized) tanks not only keep the fuel weight low but also offer a bit of weather protection that is missing form the 1190.

Watch out, Orange-folk. In a few months we could see the same split that our friends in the German camp experience; "Why my God-of-all-bikes 1150GS is way better than that 1200GS P.O.S"!


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