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Hi All,

For all those that have to deal with KTM Dubai... DON'T!

That's the first lesson I've learnt.

After the having the bike in the their workshop for 2 months, the only decent technician in the the place found that the fuel injector was not seated properly. Thus allowing air to be sucked in.
Picked the bike up and took it for a test ride, and sure enough he had in actual fact NAILED IT.
WELL DONE to Haris.
Unfortunately after having done 1500km it is now doing it again!
This leads me to believe either the throttle body housing where the injector sits is distorting slightly when hot, as it seems to be more prevalent after sitting on 130km/hr for 2.5 hrs or the injector itself is worn/loose.

Hope this helps anyone who has similiar misadventures!

Just remember, stay away from KTM Dubai. They are absolutely atrocious!!!
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