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Shorai, Braille

The Braille batteries have been de-constructed in a number of threads here, including this one - it's made by Eastern Penn (think I have that right) but Braille charges a HUGE premium for a battery you can buy elsewhere.

The Shorai's "SEEM" to fail early, if they fail. Mine failed in Uzbekistan with just 6 weeks on the clock. A royal PIA in a country where 2-wheel transport is almost completely absent due to Glorious Maximum Leader President-for-Life Karimov's insistence (he's apparently been told that THAT is the way a suicide bomber will deliver his end . . .)

Once I got back to the US (after nursing the bike with a Chinese-clone of a 25-year old Russian battery and then a 5AH Yausa to Ulaan Bator) . . . they eventually got my warranty battery to me after many emails and phone calls. (FWIW, I wanted but couldn't get delivered an Anti-Gravity battery with much better numbers and better tech (cylindrical cells vs the prismatic in the Shorai, among other things)). The Anti-Gravity is now in the bike and . . . no problems and starts easier and with less needed "warm up" than the Shorai, ever.

The story I was told about my failure was allegedly due to a problem with Japanese parts due to the tsunami. I remain a supreme skeptic of the story and would not take one of their batteries on a solo ride thru remote parts (the only kind of rides I do). My education is in Electrical Engineering though I focussed on signal processing, not circuit design.

All of the advice regarding their cold starting issues is good, true and reflects ALL Lithium Iron batteries.

Good luck.
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