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Originally Posted by Craneguy View Post

Roll of toilet paper and you're set.
That's what your CFE bill is for!

60f was the low temp, Craneguy? That's because you were still sleeping in a nice warm bed in Xalapa while the chicken truck driver was trying to take me out at 48f

That new suit you have is the dog's bollocks as they say. Don't worry about the saggy crotch, when you sell the Suzuki and man up and get a BMW, you will easily fill out that portion of the suit.

Don't laugh! It's true!
But it is really an illusion. The normally fat wallet you have in your rear pocket, shrinks considerably and thus the frontal area appears larger. You then end up doing the "BMW owner walk" where you look like a porn star from the front, but like you crapped yourself from the rear. You will notice this effect when people walk away from a BMW parts counter or after a UPS delivery.
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