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I do not use my XCo as a heavy off road enduro bike.... so, will fit the KN, and fell it...

Thinking about to hand made a rally look exhaust!

the scoop... you have opened an hole in the plastic part that covers the air filter? thinking about to do it, plus install a filter foam on the opening to help on the filtering.

I also run anakees os my 8Gs... itīs very nice on twisty roads!!!

Snooker! as I said to Leaf... I donīt use my Xco as a heavy off road bike... will try the KN, but will buy a foam too....

the 17 sprocket is out of my plans, since I like the bike response, and not use it for long travels....

Will look for something about the lights!!!

Iīve read all your moods! congrats for it! helps a lot!!!!

Catneck! congrats for the bike!

Iīve got a service manual (CD) on the ebay....
gelps a lot if you like to do it yourself maintenance....

and is cheap too!!!!

Regards to all
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