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Originally Posted by mustangwagz View Post
Personally, i wouldnt waste MY time on the DRZ after owning and riding the DR350. Thats SOLELY my opinion though, so you'll have to make your own as well. lol As for WHY i feel this way, you may be wandering? As another rider said, the biggest thing for ME, is the 6spd transmission...LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE it! Wide range of gearing that can be fully changed, adjusted via sprockets, and made to fit your riding style. THAT is the biggest for mechanical reasons in my opinion. AS FOR MY BIKE, it has the CV carb on it and 60+ MPG is EASILY achieved when i ride or play. i dunno about the newer ones, might have pumper on them? Mine is Kick only as well, another plus...batteries go dead, or crap out at most terrible times...with a manual kick sweat bro! lol (Pop starting works too, but its tougher) i think someone said the DR's are lighter too? probably not by a whole heck of a lot, but adds up when your laying on your side...(it'll happen...we all fall down, and the older we get...the worse it feels when ya do! lol). Air Cooled, No rad juice to leak out when ya got busting through the brush and jiggly weeds. (this happend on some Badass Western PA rides with a few liquid cooled bikes...its SUCKED bag!)

I could go on and on, and on....and on, BUT im not, everyone here will says "Put a sock in it" As i said, these are SOLELY my opinions as to why i love my DR and wouldnt trade it for a DRZ...not to mention...the DR seats are way more comfortable..i have problems with not getting comfy on

The Decision is yours sir, but if i had the money, and a 99 was sittin close by with low mileage at that price....itd be sittin next to my 93 that is currently nestled warmly into my garage! Either way, i hope you enjoy whichever bike you purchase!
Preach it, brother Zac, preach it!

I love my kick start only 1993 DR350 dirt model for the same reasons (I've upgraded the suspension). I was at an invitational DS ride in Nevada this past September and I had the oldest, least technically advanced machine there (by far). I rode it 550 miles each way to the event on pavement and then had a blast running right along with everyone else (everyone else trailered in). My friends asked me what machine I would pick if someone were to give one to me. I told them I would get another DR350! Sure, there are many better machines on paper. But the DR350 is just a dream at accomplishing everything I want to accomplish. Is it a magic pill for everyone? No way. But it is really great for me.


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