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dr650 tubeless spoke rims

Little update:

I converted my tubed spoke rims to tubeless. I figured it is safer, since a tube tire would usually end in a blow out of the tube, rather then a slow trickle of air. I understand this isnt alway the case, and I could have a full blow out with a tubeless tire, but it is rare.

I used the method outlined on smugmug:

I used JB weld to fill the rim lock holes:

After 2 coats of seal all, 1 coat of goop, and a bath tub test, it was fine. The next day it lost 3 PSI. Took it off, did another water test, and 1 spoke came undone. I resealed it, tested again, and found another spoke came undone!

I sealed that spoke and before the glue completely dried, I filled the tire and tested.. it held 30 PSI for a full day. I lowered it to 27 PSI and it has held fine for 4 days now. I am hopeful that it will be fine now, and can't wait to actually ride.

Thats a Shinko 712 110\90-19

Whats stopping me from riding you might ask?

The lack of a rear wheel. Warp 9 has been great, but if I had 1 complaint it would be time management. I was hoping to get the wheel back with a 17x4.25 in under a month...its been 6 weeks. it finally shipped out this week, so I should get it next Thursday. When I get it I will seal those spokes as well, and run this:

Thats a Shinko 712 150\70-17.

Its a big, fat rear tire... Something I've never ridden with, and sure to be different.
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