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Originally Posted by RandomZ View Post
Good grief, haven't even got the bike and already trying to change what you "think" is a lousy component? Wait till you get the bike, ride it, and then decide. It blows my mind when working with customers who are looking at a new bike who say "well if i buy the bike i'll need to get a taller windshield" or "i'll need to change the stock tires." People give the interwebs too much credit, just ride the bike and see. For 2013 the F800GS is vastly improved over it's predecessor. Buy it, ride it, and then tweak as needed

Rant over, GL with the new bike
This is the best piece of logic I've seen. It could potentially save $$$$. Thank you for stating the obvious.

I'm in talks with my dealer to trade my R12GSA & g450x for a new F8GS. I believe the F8 will be better suited for the riding I do most often and enjoy the most.

So, it's not completely clear to me...the forks in the 2013 model have changed? I have seen mention that they are now [better?] 43mm WP whereas before they were [crap] 45mm Marzocchi. Is that correct? If this is the case, I'm certainly going to buy the bike and ride it before replacing the suspension.
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