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I've just basically finished the electrical work on my 05. I used a Tusk lighting kit from Rocky Mtn Cycle. The harness alone is just $29 if you just need that. The Tusk kit is a battery operated only system which I modified to work with a Ricky Stator dual output stator and reg/rec. I went with an ac/dc system and kept the stock harness mostly in tact. I've also added a key switch, KTM fan (dc) and grip heaters (ac) and will add a gps connection as well.

I bought OEM style connectors from which really helps making a quaility job.

If you do a Google search for XR650R wiring diagram you'll get lots of choices. I more or less copied a wiring diagram for a 1984 XL250 for my project.

Hope that helps.


Originally Posted by nick5446 View Post
Can anyone share their wiring diagram?

My XRR is currently wired for a headlight, tail light, brake light and turn signals. It has a re-wound stator and a mini-battery. Plus, the current harness is a rat's nest of PO's additions and subtractions. Everytime I have to work on something I have to diagnose why something electrical isn't working because something jiggled loose. I would eventually like to add brighter and/or additional headlights and some 12V accessories, as well as a real battery (probably a small Ballistic). I'll probably also add a Trail Tech, but that's its own deal. What are you guys running for wiring harnesses? Are there any good aftermarket harnesses? Also, if there's some issue where I can't run all of the accessories at once (stator/battery limitations), that's totally fine.

Lastly (semi-unrelated), I used to be able to turn my lights on when the bike wasn't running (on battery power) and now I can't. In between "now" and "then" I rebuilt my whole engine and transmission so my bike wasn't running for a few weeks. At first I assumed the battery had gone weak from sitting, then I started thinking I put it back together wrong. Everything works as it should when it's running, but I get nothing when it's off. I figure if I'm going to gut and re-wire the whole thing this doesn't really matter.
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