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Originally Posted by tete View Post
simply put - with light connected, the light did not work with key in on position, also the acewell face owuld not light up as well.

with light NOT connected the acewell lit up etc.. with key in on position but no generator light hooked up - When set up like this all other lights on the meter seem to be ok, turn signals , brights, etc. indicating those are hooked up properly I imagine.

do I need a special light? I just got a simple 12v little light.

is it because I did not start the bike? is it because I have an always on headlight? mayeb I should try again with teh grey/black wire
Are you talking about the "generator light" that you wired up?
Sounds like you may have connected the generator lamp in series instead of parallel. If you remove the lamp, you get full voltage to the Acewell; with the lamp in series you get a voltage drop (not enough to operate the Ace). Connecting the gen lamp in parallel will give no voltage drop.
You do not need a special lamp, a conventional incandescent lamp is fine, but NOT an LED lamp. Resistance was addressed is a post above; I suppose you could check your lamp's resistance.
The generator lamp should function just like the stock lamp - turn ignition key on, lamp lights, start motor and give an increase in rpm's, lamp goes out.
Even though you have a headlight always on switch, I would still wire up the Ace using bpeckm's instructions; sounds like connecting Ace red to the grey/black will work (headlight always on), but it would be my preference to connect Ace red to BMW green/blue.
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