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Dropped Tracks

Thanks NHBill,

I appreciate the suggestions.

Yes, Google is well suited for just motoring about.

However I was operating within network access range and still SOME of the tracks dropped. I couldn't figure why just certain ones, other than I think they were the last ones added.

And after re-entering them, the same ones would drop after some time passed. Initially, I could leave DualSportMaps.Com and come back and all would be well. But when I downloaded the maps to my 4.03 android phone, the same ones again were gone and when I went back to DualSportMaps.Com there were no longer there either!!

I've never had this happen with tracks I've made for actual trail riding though. So the low track point count might be relevant.

Very perplexing. Suspect Crafty could figure it out quickly as he so often does. His code seems very solid and I've had few problems. At $20, his app is one of most incredible bargains around. While expensive by phone app standards, it may be priced way too LOW in comparison to existing Garmin-Type solutions. Better get it before that ever gets corrected!!

But I just wish that remote was available and/or he would start selling kits for his Lightning Bug & arduino USB host boards.

However, I suspect he is very busy these days with the various projects he is involved with.
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