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Originally Posted by Indy Unlimited View Post
The new injectors are the same design but us F800GS owners need to understand that with the micro mist injectors it is easy to clog them or restrict them enough that they wont start a bike after it was just running and still warmed up.
The little aluminum oxide particles from our fuel pumps pass thru any filters but can bridge and trap in the micro injectors and this can clog fuel flow enough to prevent restarting. So they need cleaning if you use high ethanol content fuels like we have in the USA . The injector tapping trick with a wrench proves to be an effective restarting method that has worked for me many times. I think 2 stroke oil or other fuel additives that can clean and lubricate metal surfaces seem to work well for my injectors.
Thanks Indy I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed a design "enhancement" !

Advance Auto has a sale running right now - buy one bottle of Techron system cleaner @ regular price $13.xx for 20 oz,
and get 2nd bottle for a buck... I've loaded the boat
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