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Originally Posted by Rockwell View Post
I loaded the stock '07/'08 map (for standard exhaust) yesterday. The only change that I made was disabling the SAI since I had removed it.

I also noticed, when looking at the original map that was on my bike, that, other than being for Akra exhausts, the O2 sensors and EPC were disabled.

I read near the beginning of this thread that the O2 sensor accuracy can be questionable.

Is this why they have been disabled?
How is the 02 sensor data used in the ECU control algorithm - to regulate the air-to-fuel ratio?

What does EPC stand for and what is it used for?
Is this the emissions (charcoal canister) stuff?
EPC = Electronic Power Control. It basically cuts power in second & third gears at a given RPM range. I'm guessing it is used to pass some EPA requirement. Best to disable unless you want reduced power in those situations.

O2s are used for the lambda control to find the best fuel/air mixture. Some turn it off, some leave it on. When I had my '10 990 tuned I was told that the sensors/ECU were actually doing a good job so we left them turned on.
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