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Dans le Pointe!

Originally Posted by outsidein View Post
I saw Lobsters and then Shediac and had to keep reading as I'm a former Shediac resident myself (Point Du Chene) ;) Enjoyed reading about your adventures.

I have a Versys which I dream about doing a trip like this on. How is the KLR for this sort of thing?
Dans Le Pointe! Cool!

I love my KLR. I wished on some of the smooth mountain roads I had something with a lot more horsepower to blast by the trucks and buses, but then on the road to Zipolite from Oaxaca which I will tell you about when my picture download (very slow internet) I wished I had a smaller, lighter bike. There were thousands of impossibly tight turns, some I had to go to first gear just to make it around. I can't imagine who ever thought it would be possible to put a road through those mountains. What were they smoking? It is the twistiest, road I've ever seen and the twisty section goes for at least 120kms. I found myself wondering, does this road really go somewhere? Amazing!

To get back to the KLR, people down here flock to it. "Moto Grande!" is what you hear. I am beginning to feel the same way about the bike. It's Huge! Bang for the buck though, where else can you find a bike that will take you anywhere you want to go for such a fair price. I think having said all that my next bike, will be a bigger bike, just because you can cover so much ground on Interstates on a faster bike, and get to where you want to ride, easier.

You too can make this trip. Your Versys would be an excellent ride down here. Mexico is a wonderful Country. You have to see it to believe it..

I am so happy I've come here I can't describe it! Never seen or even imagined anything like it.
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