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Will it buff out?
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Since we rode south over the viewpoint we see that the landscape starts to change from rock and silt to blown sand in amogst palms and shrubs/grass ....and clouds apparent.


We arrive into M'hamid to find the wind was kicking up sand which left visibility not so good.....I stop at the entrance to the town and wait for the rest to regroup. of course the usual hotel scouts arrive touting for business. We decide to follow a Nissan Patrol to see where he'll take us to stay. We ride through the town and onto gravel trails much like one finds in Merzouga.....I think that there may be potential here to find a place well away from the town centre.

As it happens it's too difficult and far for the novice riders to ride to and that,coupled with poor visibility,means we ride on back into the town and find a place just on the outskirts there.

The others can ride it no problem.....


..even 25yr old odd technology can do the good old faithful Africa Twin......


I of course get a Presidents award for starting my moto,putting it into gear,miss my footing and promptly gently put it into the sand...of course those in the LR are ready with a it's picked and then very soon after that Craig goes for a ride into the dunes,whereupon I can hand over the title as he boings over the bars...There might be a pattern developing in that when I get the award within 5 mins someone takes it from me.....I'm happy enough about that....

Phil rides along minding his own business when he just falls over.....


Noah kicks the Tiger to see if it's still alive......

Yip...and as usula in the middle of nowhere people arrive...the kids have sen us ride through the village and no doubt know,as word travels fast,that the EDC have arrived and there'll be free entertainment....


Ken,feeling better by this stage,dismounts and walks off to help the others in between bouts of laughter....he parks his moto like so with no side stand required....

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