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Oaxaca to Zipolite

I wasn't looking forward to riding in Oaxaca traffic again after my trip into town. I got up early, packed up and was ready to go like at 7:30. I had looked at the breakfast menu in the hotel restaurant and it looked good.

They do things differently down here. That motel and restaurant are right downtown in a big city and when I left around 8 they still didn't have the restaurant open. Hundreds of people walking buy and going to work and they were shut. Not sure I understand that.

If I owned that palce i waould be in there at 6am frying potoates and onions making sure noboday that walked by could resist the smell coming from my kitchen.

I equate it to having a downtown restaurant in Montreal or Toronto and not opening up in the morning. Hey, the Mexicans can do it their way but I found it strange and am just reporting.

So I blasted out of Oaxaca and was pleased to find that traffic was lighter than it had been in the previous afternoon. Maybe because I was going against the flow.

I figured I would ride out of the downtown core and then get a coffee. There don't seem to be nearly as many OXXO store in Oaxaca State as there are in the rest of Mexico. About ten miles out I saw a big Pemex (gas station) with a convenience store but I couldn't get over two lanes to get in there because of traffic so I rode on in search of my coffee until at about 20 miles I hit this place another Pemex with a Tienda (small store) Closed! I find that funny. Thousands of cars and tons of potential business going by....Closed? I gotta open a Tienda down here.

I rode another 40 or more miles before i got a cup of coffee in a nice little coffee shop in the middle of nowhere that was open and brand new, It reminded me of a Blendz in Canada but it had a Mexican Trademark, I've forgotten

I had a great cup of coffee but I heard for the first time, this trip, the Spanish greeting "Hola" which only seems to be used in beach areas, I knew I was getting close to the beach.....or so I thought. I was about 120 or 130 kms from the beach but the GPS was saying I wouldn't get there for 4 hours. How could that be. Little did I know what was ahead. If you can average more than about 30kms per hour Mexico 175,, you need to be road racing. What a road!
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