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Originally Posted by hillbilly enduro View Post
Hello there...

I've been reading trough half of this excelent thread so far. Lot's of great stuff here. It's mentioned several times, that this is the index thread, which is not to be used as a common questions thread.

Now my question is: How do I most effectively ask LC4 related questions?

Example 1: The CS seal I'm replacing right now. The old one had an outer steel shell. Due to saving time and money, I ordered a new one at my local farmer shop (can you say that?). I told him specifically that it should be with the outer steel shell. Well, I picked it up today, and tadaaa... it was with the inmould shell. I took it anyway, as it's cheap and easy to change again, if any problems.
Is there a reason, that it has the outer steel shell instead of the inmould one? I can only think of wear protection, but on the other hand it's pretty safe, hiding behind the CS???
Actually I would think the inmould would be easyer to install without damaging the bore, an seal to the bore better.

Example 2: I own a 2004 625 SXC. I could only find workshop and engine manuals for the 2003 models. Is there any model updates I need to consider? (changed torque specs, bearing upgrades, electrical, other things...), or could I just use the 2003 manuals without worries?

Should I ask these questions under specific threads, eg example 1 under the: Creeper's LC4 Sprocket Seal Replacement thread, or should I start a new thread about that topic? If so how do I make it most visible to the LC4 gurus out there?

Pretty much same question for example 2...

Would there be room for a LC4 specific chit chat thread in the index, so it wouldn't drown under eg the thumpers index?
It would allso free the index thread for all this chit chat... Sorry if it's allready there and i missed it...

So, there ya' go... I pooped in the LC4 index anyway... Sorry for that guys.

Hope someone can help me out here

Thank's again for an awesome index. There's shitloads of great info here.
The steel shelled seals are a little more robust than a conventional seal and the sprocket can sometime have junk dragged into it rubbing on the seal... The conventional seal will do the job just fine, that's what I carry in my onboard spare parts kit that I take on long trips... The rear wheel also has a steel shelled seal in it for the same reason, I replaced it with a conventional one long ago and it has been fine....

The 2003 and up SXC will all be pretty much the same other than some having or not having oil in the frame which would make for a different change procedure...

If you have a question and it fits into one of the threads posted in the index then it is best to add to that thread as then your input will become part of thread and may be useful to someone in the future...

If you have a lot of questions or problems it is best to start your own thread as that will make the stuff pertaining to you easy to track and not get it buried up... Make sure your title shows the model/make bike your asking about, then it will not get missed... The most aggravating thing is when people post the same question in 2 or 3 different threads instead of sticking to 1..

Most of the chit chat usually happens in the 640 owners sign in thread...
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