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Originally Posted by 2fast4u View Post
Just wondering why your starting with such nice bikes? And why not just buy a KLR and a Versys or Ninja motor and wiring harness and electronics off e-bay?
I liked your first build and think you do nice work. I have a Ninja 650 i made into a DS and have enjoyed riding it on and off road.
I would like to see someone take a KLX 450 or CRF 450 and put the Ninja or Versys motor in it. I think that would be the ultimate DS. It would be LIGHT, great suspension, dirt wheels, very good on road and able to ride on the interstate and did i mention LIGHT.
Will be watching your build.
Your idea is fine, but I can think or at least 3 reasons why it is just not optimal.
1} Fuel tank volumn- The biggest tank you can get for either of those is maybe 4 gallons, a bit small for any long haul ADV riding, at least for meabyway.
2} Perimeter frame- The shape may make it hard to fit a twin between the spars and then that is where the tank needs to sit so that could be a REAL PITA. With a steel or aluminum tank you can do as KLRsys did and tap a dent here or there to fit over the bigger motor, not so with the plastic only tanks on a KLX/CRf......
3} Not street plateable in many if not most states anymore. Maybe back in the day, or if you were fortunate enough to get on plates previously that would be a great start, but here in Cali that is NOT gonna happen anymore.

Great idea, a light, great suspended, great handling, dirt oriented adventure bike with a smooth and powerful twin motor in it, but a DRZ, KLR, XL or some other street plated bike is about the only options here. All just mediocre options, but you take what you can get, OR custom build your own....if you are a better fab guy than me. Mods like this are in my range of building, but doing a whole frame jig up is past my skill and tools.
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