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Originally Posted by karmataburn View Post
I agree with woodzrider. If Quinn was wearing knee braces, the braces more than likely contributed to the broken femur. I have had a few friends break there femurs while wearing knee braces and all 3 of the fractures occurred right where the top of the braces sit over the femur bone.

At the 2010 Baja 500 I blew out my ACL during my section. I was wearing knee braces and did not even crash. My foot caught a rock while in a turn and the tank pushed into my knee. It was actually uneventful but I knew I had just blown my knee. The next guy on my team went down and broke his femur. At the time I felt my injury was no where near as severe as his.

My friend with the broken femur ended up back at work 3 weeks after his surgery and made a full recovery in about 7 months. I went in 2 weeks after my injury and had my ACL replaced. It took me 7 months to get back to riding a bicycle and 10 months to start riding Moto. Even though I am fully recovered I can always tell that my injured knee is not the same as it was before the injury. In hindsight even though I am sure it is way more traumatic to break a femur I would rather deal with that then a soft tissue injury.

Sorry for the long winded rant and the slight de rail of the thread but I am a huge fan of Knee braces and I blame my injury on a lack of knowledge on how to properly fit them and set them up.

My point re Quinn was normally when a knee brace causes a fracture the get off is massive. That's because the upper and lower legs are much stronger. So I was saying more about his type of get off really. Most if not all pros probably are using knee braces. The same sort of forces are faced by extreme Dh skiing.

You were wearing knee braces and blew your knee out in an uneventful crash?

I'd hate to hear an eventful crash!!

Knee braces improve resistance to injury overall. If you don't wear them at all then of course you'll blow your knee more often. They are knee braces. They transfer load to larger stronger parts of the body.

I wear k700s for the knees and also cti carbon wrist guards.

No wrists or knees or broken bones.
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