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Originally Posted by GSAragazzi View Post
Hey everyone, I have the chance to buy at a good discount a Nav IV. While I like the features it offers nd the cleanliness of the installation I have some questions I can't seem to find answers to.
Q1: can I receive and make calls on the move? Or does it have a block calls while ridding? One thread (old one) says it has a nanny tool to block using the phone while Garmin website suggests you can call on the move.
Q2: does it allow the use of Scala Rider headsets? I get hry eill eork for the navi promps but ehst sbout the intercom? Somewhere I read it doesn't let you communicate with other passengers bc of its ability of using voice promps. I really like the Scala intercoms and would hate to loose them.

Anything else I should know before I pull the trigger?
I have a BMW Nav IV, Scala G4 set, and Iphone 4s

#1- Yes it will take and recieve calls on the move. Very easy to follow prompts on the screen.

#2- Yes, the intercam feature works fine. Although, I have never been able to use the voice commands on any of my Scala headsets....
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