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Originally Posted by johnno950 View Post
would also replace choke/throttle cables/air filter,and check condition of air intake hoses/coolant hoses.
I'm in (hopefully) the home stretch of sorting out my 2002 Adventure which has been driving me nuts with lots of weird subtle problems; that plus lots of standing.

Hopefully only major things left are sorting out fueling on the PHM40 carb I use, and replacing the gear lever seal that's oozing... and getting a new battery.

If you're allergic to over-spending, maybe get your cables refabricated. I Couldn't get a throttle cable at a decent price in reasonable time - a co in my area (I live in Johannesburg) rebuilt the cable for about $25 instead of the $40+ the agents wanted.

Def replace the air filter - cheap, and helps the breathing - almost certainly clogged/perishing if prev owner was not big on maintenance.

Rebuilding the forks is not that hard - only trick is a skinny 22mm spanner to get into a narrow but - I bought a reg'lar one and had a machine shop grind it down. You can google for the service manual (WP4860MXMA2003-ktm-fork-manual is the one I use - seems to be right.) Even if you don't strip it completely, you can clean it, flush old fluid, refill. Check your steering head bearing is good.

Def check routing of all wires and cables - make sure there's no chafing going on.

If it's stood a lot, strip fuel pump and check diaphragm in good nick.

They're brilliant bikes when they're going well.
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