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Thanks everyone for the great replies! While long term I could see myself on a GS, I dont consider the other bikes (and their riders) as lesser for choosing a bike right for them. I've never ridden a GS so I may not even like them!

At this stage I would consider a lower milage DR secondhand (as I do all my maintenance myself) as I have had 3 suzukis and all were unkillable (except for the aforementioned accident). Probably should have mentioned that commuting accounts for 15000k's a year for me - hence wanting a lower k bike.

Ideally a cheaper secondhand dr, plus a set of rims &street tires with the ability to change to more dirt oriented ones for my adventures would be good. the lower price of the DR helps this along.

I love to tinker, so along the way I woul look at some likely mods -
Larger tank - i ride 300+k's a week and would prefer to fill it once.
Brakes - had brembos on the gixxer and loved them! (aftermarket)
Exhaust & airfilter - cheap performance
Seat mod - comfort
Suspension (get it sprung and valved for my weight)

I knew the husky had a bmw engine, but wasnt aware of any issues on newer versions of them. Any thumper I buy will be less than 1/3rd the power of the gixxer, but as long as its spritely enough to 100(k's - 62mph) i'll be happy.

This is my only vehicle so i will take reliability over outright performance! Would love to get a dirt only 250 and play, but cant afford champagne living on a beer budget (i'd say goon budget but most guys from the us wouldnt know what that was ha ha!)
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