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Originally Posted by Motogymkhanaman View Post
The No BS bike doesn't completely settle the argument as body steering can still have a profound effect on turning our bike, but only when it's travelling very slowly.

The stunt rider Mattie Griffin can perform full lock figure 8's with his hands off the bars, just by moving his upper body and expertly timed rear brake release.

In Moto Gymkhana we can use this effect to our advantage by ensuring that our body is positioned in such a way that it encourages the bike to do what we want it to do next. The three phases of machine control are Steady-State, Capsize and Recovery, so we use different body positions to promote whichever state we want to achieve.
Yup, speed is the clue. Riding the bike slowly while picking your nose & texting, the limit of my stunt ability, you have to use your hips, footrests & upper body to steer, too slow & it's easy to get into a one sided tankslapper. Is that the bike equivalent of a one handed man clapping?
Do it on the road at 100kmh & the bike hardly moves, I,ve tried weaving through the centre line like this & the bike reacts very slowly.
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