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No I know you are not "planning" on jumping this thing, but sometimes you hit whoops hard or there is a washout you do not expect or other odd scenerios, that is WHY you added more suspension Right?

It does not have to be a jump, ANY harder hit can close those slides, not sure about the diaphram Bings, I am talking about the Mikuni CVs like a Harley has or most DRZs....I would not run those on a battle scooter.

I have an '86 R80G/S that has the Bings on it with the vacum diaphrams on it and those are NOT that easy to pull either. The throttle is alot tougher twist than my R1100RT FI is. My KTM 530 with the FCR flatslide carbs similar to yors was VERY light throttle pull, albeit only 1 carb.

I hope you find a fix to lighten it to a more comfortable pull.
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