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Sorry no help... I'm looking for a good ballast myself. HID's have much better color rendition than LED though some new smaller emitors such as the Nichia 219 are getting better. Of course LED's have less to break on them.

Mega lumens from the new hi power LED's certainly have the wow factor - can blind others (and you when you hit reflective objects) but they don't help you SEE better than a good HID in a reflector. That's the tension between those two right now. "Aweing" someone with a lights power and helping you see better are not the same thing; there's no replacement for a well thought out/designed reflector.

More light food for thought... it's really hard to beat a 50 watt, Hi CRI FX-7 Bi-Xenon projector for on the road lighting. What would be really awesome for you fabbing experts would be instead of having 2 swithes for hi/lo would be to have 3 for lo beam/hi beam/off-road only beam... actually 4 - have an "off" at the beginning. And it needs to be more durable.... maybe some kind of waterproof, rubber shock mounted holder for the ballast?
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