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Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
Did this one for a client who had a requirement for being camouflaged in gigantic bowls of
baked beans.....I asked no questions and kept it professional.

Originally Posted by planktonnn View Post
Ah, I seem to recall that one was for Keith Moon?
Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
Keith Moon....baked beans?? I'm confused.....which isn't anything unusual, I must admit.
Well, if you remember, back in the day Roger used to have a bath of magic beans what made him a magic tiny giant 'n' all, & Keith liked to ride around Rogers bath full of beans when Roger wasn't using it... But if Roger, who was very possessive about anyone touching his beans, caught Keith riding in the bean bath, well then sure as eggs is eggs there'd be hell to pay and no mistake, hence the bean-camo-beemer in your pic, and quite coincidentally, the recording of that scream at the start of CSI Miami from 'Won't get fooled again'

How do you think it was that Keith came to have died before he got old? As time went on he got sloppy, and after Frank Zappa made him dress as a nun Keith fitted a set of non-bean-covered-panniers to the bike you painted for him so as to carry his habit'n'such and he gone done rode it round the bean bath, then Roger came in all unexpected like, and immediately spotted him & that was that for poor Mr Moon... I think that's what happened, tho/ough I too may be getting confused?

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