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Originally Posted by Cruz View Post
Is that a Mefo Super Explorer in 140/80/18 size you have fitted?

How is the clearance with it, plus your thoughts on it so far?
Bruce....ahaaa, you're looking for a Mefo SE for your bike now???

You would already have read this from 70deg Adv thread:
The Mefo Super Explorer tire was just awesome. Once I got to trusting it in the corners I was surprised the traction it provided, especially on fast loose roads, and in deep sand + silt beds + rock garden washes. Excellent pavement handling too.
It is now my go to long distance adventure tire, easily capable of 3000+ miles of hard riding. I will still keep a D606 on for SoCal riding, but when I need to not worry about tire changes this is the one. I liked it better than the 908RR overall, which would be a comparable tire.

You might also remember my short love affair with a 990 that turned sour early on when the bitch turned out to be only after my money, wasn't as good a ride as any swedish women (TE, FE) I've had. (Are german/austrian women THAT bad), bashed me up, and just kept needing stuff.
Well I had two MEFO Super Explorers on it.

Summary, a cheaper (for that bike) tire. Was $220 instead of $300 for similar. Looked great. Very hard wearing with the downside that a couple of times on bitumen when a bit of rain fell I thought that the tire appearred to have zero grip. I had the feeling as I rode along a couple of times that the back tire was a slick on ice...... It was briefly as if the tire had completely come off the rim. I suspect the ultrahard rubber and the reverse tractor thread might not bite into smooth bitumen through a film of water.
Maybe this is the case with all road tires, it certainly is not the case with true knobbies in this situation. But a true knobby on the 990 would last 100kms. Not 4000-6000.
My advice for your 390 is a mid hard enduro tire and enjoy it in the dirt. WTF, only $100 from MPE. 1/3 the price of a big bike tire.
But for the hard gravel roads we often ride, I think just about anything would do. Last years Christmas ride I had it on and was new, never had any traction problems at all. And some of that was more enduro than "Adventure".

edit: And you're such an easygoing rider that any rear will last for ever anyway.......
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