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Sweet that post didn't get eaten

Anywhos, after following tons of bike builds and looking at tons of bikes I loved the motoard look especially a few from the likes of Kubiak, ASF, XRmanu and Carlos/Zipper(some are xr600s and one is a 650R but eh art is art imo ). so the original plan was to dismantle the bike, move it to the basement upgrade the motor a bit and throw some 17s on it, that was 2 years ago. In those 2 years i have found a wonderful little gall whom I will call my mrs this summer and with that all my cash went buh buy but not before stumbling across this fellow over at TT in the DRZ ( you can find him here in one of the GS forums) named ebrabaek the guy makes great tutorial posts on DYI carbon fiber too were even my sorry ass could get a clue and pick up some of his technique. So with the mods out of control i started fabing sanding ect to were you see her today and still getting stuff done as cash trickles in.

List o Mods


Gas tank while not shown is a 4 gallon IMS also painted black (using casewell sealent on a brand new tank should prevent gas fume bubbling of the paint)

Almost all the body plastic is as you see all going to be replaced by CF some is 100% custom others are just re pops from available parts.

Seat will be a Guts cover black


Front forks are off a 2000 CR250 will get new oil and seals before any spring or valve changes, think i will get rid of the gold and polish them as well

Upper triple is a RSW lower is a stock CR. think i will shoot these in red

Rear shock will be mostly black (not painting the threaded section) new oil with the stock spring in red

Rear swing arm will be polished on the outside with the cast section and inside being painted black

Front and rear wheels will be off a CBR F3 painted red with custom spacers


Stock calipers and most components painted black

Stainless front and rear brake lines

Custom front rotor bracket polished

Engine & Transmission

J&E 10.5 piston

DLC coated wrist pin (hope to help with the galling)

FCR 40 off a 2003ish CRF 450 with adjustable leak jet

Megacycle 173-12 camshaft with rockers, shortened guides and such

DYI port job on the inake ports ( tryed like hell to mimic those old TT stepho pics but with no flow bench might of done more harm then good and if it does kill the flow all a better reason to save the penny's for a tricked out CW head )

Oil cooler of some Suzuki i got on fleabay

XR600 countershaft with associated kicker bits

NX 2nd and hopefully the 5th gear (still working on getting my hands on one of those)

RSK xring chain red

45 tooth rear with a XRR 15 tooth front

FMF power bomb header with those nasty ass welds ground down and polished up

Yosh RS2 muffler with a DYI carbon body

Engine is painted in the picks but a shoty rattle can job has recently been blasted and will be getting a better coat of paint black of course

Side covers again as pictured will stay polished.


Koso instrument cluster

Innovative L1 wideband ( I HATE trying to figure stuff out with only a butt dyno)

Piaa sports horn

TRX 400 EX headlights

Led blinkers and tail light

Turn tech 5.0 ah lithium battery

As you can see there isn't much I'm not messing with and all most got all my parts together. Santa is bringing me the rest of the fork bits and a nice new hvlp gun so once that stuff arrives along with a 5th gear i can start some progress again.
lots of dismantled parts to a 2007 XR650L
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