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Originally Posted by Cruz View Post
Is that a Mefo Super Explorer in 140/80/18 size you have fitted?

How is the clearance with it, plus your thoughts on it so far?

Yes, it fits just fine, though clearance is tight with the shock protector flap and it has rubbed it. Doesn't touch the swing arm or chain.

Like blackduk quoted my post from the Husa ADV Traveler thread, in brief, I really like it. It's the best compromise tire I have used so far, meaning a tire that will get me through a large variety of terrain and stand up to many 500+ mile days on pavement to get to and from home.
Excellent in Baja on those rocky gravel roads, miles of deep sand, a little mud, and more rocks and loose dirt. Also confidence inspiring on pavement both wet and dry, my last 300 miles of interstate was in the rain, and I had no issues and rode the same speeds I would have if dry. Fun in the twisties too. (not in the rain) ;)
Consistent cornering traction, not just letting go but letting you slide out of corners with confidence on the dirt.

Would a knobby be better in the dirt? You bet.
Would a knobby last 3000 miles? Never, I would have needed to do multiple tire changes if I was running knobby's and on this last trip would have been nearly impossible. Tire changes in the states is a little easier, but I'd rather ride with a slight compromise than spend time and money tracking down a tire on the road. As why I tried out the MEFO, and found the compromise not all that bad at all. The 908RR which I've ran on the Husa, and many of them on my GS would be the closest comparable tire to the MEFO, same performance with forward traction, but I found the MEFO to work better for me in the corners, especially when getting loose.
I want to just add gas and ride when I'm moving = Husaberg FE570 and MEFO SE works pretty darn well for that.

One thing is for sure, from my experience with the same tires on my 800GS and then on my Husaberg, the weight and power delivery differences make comparing the same tire on far different bikes pretty hard.
The 908RR and D606 handle very differently when on the same roads with the same tires and much different bikes, at least for me.

I might add, the IRC TR8 Battle Rally Front Tire also was great for this trip and is wearing nicely, I'd say it will be good for 5000 mixed miles. At $65 it offsets the cost of the MEFO and pairs well with it. Handle very similar to a D606 or a TKC-80 front, but is much cheaper.

For about $250 a set these tires will fulfill my needs for long distance DS riding just fine.

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow American Husa riders!

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