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Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
I do the z setting with the rings off, figure out the gaskets and install the rings just prior to final reassembly. I've seen a ring compressor that would work on the 300 (about 1/2" top to bottom) but truthfully once you figure the cyl install out, proper installation takes a couple seconds. Now the piston pin clips are a different story, the stock KTM units are a huge PITA. Why did they go away from the old style that worked with a pair of needle nose plyers.

Yeah I know, the old ones are still available.

My hardest cyl install was a VW waterboxer, seperate cyl liners that fit down into a non removable waterjacket that pretty much blocks all access for a mortal like me.
Damn...that is genius. I should have thought about doing the Z gap setting with out the rings in the piston. That has just changed how I will do top ends forever.

Probably would have saved the issue I have now. ( bangs head on wall)

Thanks for the tip RF.
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