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Windscreens and Such.....

I've had my 650GS for just over a year now and have tried a few options on the windscreen.

I've been using the Touratech adjuster for nearly the whole time and find it to be a great option. I've also tried a large windscreen from Calsci and have the Wunderlich Wind Deflector. The combination of the TT adjuster and the WWD is great and very flexible, being able to angle and change the height of the standard screen and then the addition of the 'pop-the-wind-over-the-top' deflector works very well. You'll never get the full protection of the big screen but to be honest I found the big screen too big and took to it with a Dremel (see pics earlier in this thread). I haven't used it in ages. Being able to keep my head out of the turbulent air is what I was after. Not to hide in a cocoon of still air (may as well ride a Harley). Hope that helps.

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Hi there, newbie here. At age 52 I decided to learn to ride a motorbike. After 9 months on a little 250, last Friday I took delivery of my 2013 G650GS. I am loving it.
Have a question for the experienced riders on this forum.
Has anyone used a touratech screen adjuster fitted to the standard screen on the G650GS. I get the wind off the screen just in under my neck and figured being able to push the screen out a bit would cure this.
Any hints or tips welcome.
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