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Originally Posted by Sniper X View Post
There's a running lower mileage one for sale here locally I might buy if the timing works out. That and the 250 version are honestly the only early yamaha 2T Enduros I really felt comfortable riding on a daily basis. And they still are.
I feel the same way about it and that's why I've been looking for one. I really want to ride it on a daily basis if I can. There's just something about these old DT's that I love!! I'm looking forward to getting into it!

Originally Posted by FR700 View Post
Lord have mercy ... that is a beautiful time warp.

You did well , congratulations.

THANKS!!!!! It really is pretty decent. The thing that I like about it is that it's complete.

Originally Posted by Slaghammer View Post
Love it !! Bought one new and loved it

One possible tip: Might want to do the initial, first time start up using pre mix in the tank until your sure the auto lube is working. Might cost a fouled plug in awhile but good insurance in case there is a problem.

Great find !!
I appreciate the advise and will take it!! The injection system on these does make me a bit nervous. I had an old 250 for a while and ended up just bypassing it and mixing in the tank.
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