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The wrap up

Part 8 wrap up and conclusions

15 days ... 6,751 kilometers in total ... a really awesome trip!
Our total moving time was 83 hours and 52 minutes.
Our average moving speed was 80.5 kilometers/hour.
Our overall average speed was 51.4 kilometers/hour.
We were stopped, for breaks and meals (does not include when we were finished for the day), 47 hours and 30 minutes.
It was an amazing tour ... I highly recommend the "Garth Wintle Motorcycling Touring Company" as he researched
and planned it.

We definitely saw some places that we would like to go back to and maybe stay a bit longer to see more of the area (like Tofino). There really is nothing like touring on a motorcycle ... the whole experience is really neat. Well you can get an even closer experience if you do a bicycle tour across Canada and the USA but that is just nuts! This gal is not about to work that hard plus I really like the speed (as a certain RCMP officer in Duncan BC ... you sneaky bastard ... can attest too!) and the independence that having your own wheels gives.

We passed a couple of places that had just been mowed or cut and oh my the smell ... so sweet. Of course then you also pass alot of farms and sometimes that is a not-so-nice smell.

Cindy slept so well the whole time (apparently snoring so Jim says) because of all the fresh air. You meet the greatest people who are really interested in your story and many who are willing to share their story. We try and keep to the local mom and pop motels and diners. With the motels the motorcycles can be parked right outside the door ... for ease of security and also for hauling in the side bags and such. They tend to be more affordable and on this trip we didn't hit one that was not "bath worthy" (that is Cindy's way of ranking the accommodation). Some also offer continental breakfast! All in all a full and wonderful vacation.

Can't wait for the next one ... oh yes ... I still have to work ... shit!
“Most things don’t work out as expected, but what happens instead often turns out to be the good stuff.”.
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