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Absolute hoot to ride but the instrument panel quit working after I washed the bike the first time. Discovered this was a well known problem. I was lucky it worked again after taking it apart and letting it dry out. Then I discovered the rest of the problems. Rear sub frame would crack on early ones, and I never felt secure riding it any distance waiting for the plastic gas tank to expand from ethanol fuel. It finally expanded leaking gas in my attached garage and I had to put the bike in the backyard due to the fumes in the house. Dreaded getting the tank replaced because it was sure to expand again. The local Ducati dealer bought it off me when I brought it in to see if they would replace the tank.

New girlfriend had trouble climbing up on the Multistrada so I was looking for more of a 2 up bike and found a '98 Valkyrie on Craigslist. This thing handles surprisingly well and is a blast to ride. It has such smooth torque it will pull from less than 1500 rpm up a mountain switchback in 5th gear, fully loaded for a week's ride with two people aboard.
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