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Originally Posted by Gham View Post
I know your not a beginner,but those of us who started out riding on some form of small displacement bike,be it dirt or street,can completely understand.

It's a learning process that somehow got lost years ago that makes me realize the European graduated license program has some merit.
Best of luck with your new bike and I hope it accelerates your learning curve!
Gham, I'm pretty danged close to a beginner, and I have to say, now that i've had this time with the 80, I can't suggest loudly enough that new riders start on the smallest displacement that can carry them! Admittedly, it's forcing me to build clutch skills i didn't have previously, but that's a key learning step in this stage anyway, right???!!

Thanks for your kind words, Gham. I'm having a BLAST with my new little friend!
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