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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
The steel shelled seals are a little more robust than a conventional seal and the sprocket can sometime have junk dragged into it rubbing on the seal... The conventional seal will do the job just fine, that's what I carry in my onboard spare parts kit that I take on long trips... The rear wheel also has a steel shelled seal in it for the same reason, I replaced it with a conventional one long ago and it has been fine....
Sorry Gunner for being a bit pedantic about this and also for further cluttering up the index, but I'd like to point out a few things about the steel shelled and the so-called conventional seals.

In fact, I've tried to bring up this issue before and everything is well summarized here:

Also, the original sources here and especially here.

To summarize, the "conventional" seal is just as robust as the steel shelled seal, as under the rubber coating, the conventional seal also has a steel shell. As far as which one is better, take a look at the links provided for an extensive analysis on the topic...


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