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Happy ThanksGiving!!!!

I did my 3 days of cooking .. So I didn't have to work my butt off today...

I started off on Tuesday with this .. The Locals call it a Pamelon I used it in place of a Pumpkin..

I cut it up then boil it then peel and mash it up..During the peeling it's a good time to taste it.. And see how it is ...

Then pull out 2+ C of the mashed Pamelon and add your spices, brownsugar,milk,eggs..Mix well..

Make your pie crust.. And pour the puree in it..

Bake for a little over and hour...

I had more pie crust left as my recipe makes 2 crusts.. So I made a French coconut custard too...

Wed I worked on stuffing ,and veggies,and my candied yams...

We had our morning snacks .. Oops I forgot to take a pic of the Shrimp cocktail and Deviled eggs.. Oh well ya know what they look like..
I didn't get really fancy this year .. Just kept it simple..

Then we had a little Trace with a splash

I even kept supper simple this year.. Highbinder had him self all the goodies..

I had a treat for supper ..1 cluster of Crab Legs.. That I didn't finish

Oh there was Pie...

Our friend is staying with us for a few days..
It was the first time we sat in the living room and had our Feast while watching Football..

It was a very nice ThanksGiving day/night...We are very grateful for what we
have in both friends and perversions...And our way of life...

This was tonight's sunset ..... I thought it was very fitting...

I think the furkid has had her fill of Turkey for now ....

I really hope everyone has had a wonderful ThanksGiving....
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