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Exterior to the gear, I;ve never heard of anything like that for cooling the crotch, we're all adults we can say that can't we? Never heard of anything. I did however see an Umpire in an MLB game wearing a personal airconditioner, apparently you can get them at the sharper image. But they only work with water and fans. You might try tearing apart one of those 12v plug in coolers, they work on the Peltier Effect, but scaling it up would be a problem I think. Most cooling vests are only vest with internal pockets into which you put frozen ice bags. This of course would only be temporary. It doesn't get very hot around here, but what I've done is wear a long sleeve cotton T-shirt, soak it in water and put it under my gear right next to my skin and open all the vents on my jacket. The wind blowing through the vents and the evaporating water really cools you down, latent het of evaporation and all that jazz. However if you get stuck in traffic your stuck in a super humid hot wet shirt under all your gear, and it sucks.
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