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Originally Posted by CharlieFox View Post
Thanks for posting a link to that article. It was very informative.
I concur. Interesting and well written. I have a bit of experience with the LD Comfort stuff in a hot climate and I have to say, it really works. It was east Oregon and it was stinking hot. I only had the LD t-shirt on and wetted it thoroughly. Then opened all my vents and left the jacket zipper flap open with it unzipped a bit on the bottom and the collar open on the top. Within a few miles, I started closing vents and zips because I was too cold!

What I've found with wetting the LD material is to only do it sparingly around the neck and where the vents are exposed. If you wet the entire garment, the water wicks downward and soaks the top of your pants and starts to feel a bit too damp all over. But being strategic where you wet the garment prevents some of that and still keeps you cool. I keep a small trigger spray bottle of water close at hand and just spray the exposed areas of the garment through vents and such and that works fine. When it dries out, only takes a minute to re-wet.
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