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Originally Posted by shimazaki View Post
Maybe anyone can have a ideia of what maybe the problem,

this weekend I went for off road event with some friends and when coming back home on the road I've started to ear some noises on the engine, today I went to look at the bike and found no only a few oil in it, almost nothing... refilled the oil and went outside to ear the engine working, I've let the engine warm and the then give a bit of throttle and the sound was there again I've took the bike for quick around the block and feel that above maybe 3000 rpm the sound was there and feel a lack of power, does anyone can give me a clue, hope I didnīt break the engine :( , at 1500/2000 rpm ear a tick, tick tick but higher rpm the sound changes and it turns louder,

Not good. Not good. No oil and motor noise = trouble and $$$. On most motors the clearance between the piston and head is less than 1 mm. Sometimes the first noise you hear is the carbon on the top of the piston hitting the head when the connecting rod bearing starts to go. It could be valve train, clutch or some other noise, but I would not run it any more before you find the problem or it could cause bigger trouble.
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