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Originally Posted by neanderthal View Post
Good advice.

I've started trying to stop before the stop line at intersection; just make sure I have a few extra feet to roll unclip etc if need be.

I can unclip my right foot no problems, but my left is sometimes "sticky." the motion just seems very unnatural.
One additional thing I'd suggest. When you've unclipped your left foot in preparation for a stop, make sure to place your center of gravity far to the left of the bike when you do stop. If you fail to take this precaution, you can easily find yourself tipping to the right and fall over because your right foot is still clipped in. You might think that all you'd have to do in that situation is to quickly unclip your right foot, but it won't be that easy. That's because when you feel yourself tipping to the right, your instinct will be to put your weight on your right foot, making it hard to detach it from the pedal.
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