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CA to OK on an F650GS

My last ride report was me giving my SV650 to a friend's son to be his first bike. It's gone on Wednesday and I have no idea when I'm going to get another bike. I'm making plans to take the family camping in the Jeep in the spring. I'll find other fun while I figure out getting another motorcycle.

My brother-in-law contacts me the following Monday. He says he's coming back to Broken Arrow to get his car that he left with his parents when he moved back to California this spring. They are living in an apartment and only have 2 parking spots. I think I know where this story is going. "You can have this bike if you come out and get it.", he continues. Awesome!!! I really was prepared for this process to take a while since I promised my wife I won't get into the main account to make this happen.

I had spent the motorcycle fund getting the SV650 in shape (new chain, sprockets, oil change, brake fluid changed, etc.) and on the trip. I have a bike in CA but only $50 in my motorcycle fund. My wife says to go ahead and put the flight on the credit card now while the prices are reasonable and we'll figure out the rest. My work switched to a September close and they were giving out bonuses now. Woohoo, I'm back in business with a couple weeks to go.

As the trip draws near, my wife asks, "Why aren't you getting ready? You spent several evenings in the garage getting ready for a much shorter trip". I explained that my camping setup is already lined up and the rest of the time was working on the bike and tweaking my packing. I can't do any of that until I get there so I'm just going to play it by ear.

Take the early Sunday morning flight to Burbank via Phoenix to get the cheaper price. I'm watching the roads flying toward Phoenix and wondered which of these roads I'd be on in the next couple days. I see I10 ribboning across as we get closer and know I'll be on it tomorrow afternoon.

We land in Burbank and go to grab my luggage. My dry bag has a bunch of scuffs on it. It still looked new despite hauling my camping gear on my motorcycle for a couple years. What do with our luggage when they handle it?

My sister-in-law picked me up at the curb and said we are going to Porto's Bakery for brunch. It was a very busy place, filled with so many great looking options. I decided on a Cuban sandwich and a guava and cheese rufugiado. It was delicious. A place with an orange juice machine that starts with a basket of oranges at the top can't be all bad.

We get to Valencia and grab a Peet's coffee before heading over to their apartment. I check the bike out and grab the luggage off of it and take it back to the apt. My niece gets on Skype and talks to my son back in OK. I say hi and my daughter gets so excited to see me in California. I show her the toy leopard she sent with me and she smiles huge.

The side bags are the BMW Vario bags and I got online to verify how to expand the bags. I realized that you just undo the latches and slide it out to expand it. I spend the rest of the afternoon packing and repacking until I get everything loaded up the way I want for the trip. I couldn't quite get everything in the hard luggage because of the extra stuff I brought for the flight. I throw the camping gear back in the dry bag and strap it down.

My brother-in-law makes it back into town and we go grab some Baja Fresh (I'm trying to avoid burgers/greasy until I get back to Meers,OK). We take care of the paperwork and finish loading up. I'm riding the bike for the first time (I swapped bikes with my brother-in-law about a year ago on a ride so I've ridden it one other time) loaded down at night.

He says that he'll lead me over to the hotel I'm staying at so we take off. The horn is above the turn signals (backwards to other bikes I've ridden) so I honked instead of signaling to turn a couple times. My hands are getting hot so I need to figure out if off is to the left or toward the throttle. My hands are getting really hot now, I guessed wrong. Off is toward the throttle.

The view of Six Flags Magic Mountain from the hotel across I5 freeway. I didn't hear the traffic at all from my room.

Dale S.

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