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7/32" vacuum hose (not fuel hose), front 11" and rear 10", will run down through the bottom airbox and terminate down next to the starter. Works well, 100s of 1000s of miles with this setup.

Originally Posted by rossguzzi View Post
Thanks for the info, one more thing......

Should I try to get the 2 carb vent hoses into a more 'still air' place than just under the air box? I have read doing a 2 into 1 with a small filter can cause probs. I was thinking of doing this and tuking the filter up under the dash somewhere.

The symptoms I am trying to fix is a slight surging at highway speed around 4000 rpm. Worse in gusty wind conditions.
Also picking the revs up slowly in neutral they take off at around 3000 and shoot up to 5-6000
Starts fine(warm weather here) pops a bit on decel, standard filter with prefilter, valves done, fuel pump Faucet, 95 octane, 42 pilot jets, Gualdi slip ons.

I was thinking of raising the needle, lowering the clip one notch. If this dosn`t work, I will try 43 pilots.

Also the TPS I will be checking. One of these things must make it better......and smoother. At around 5000 she buzzes quite a lot. I feel it in the footpegs, tank and seat. :(

How does that sound to ye of knowledge ?
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