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The weakest point on the 1150 black nylon fuel distributor is the plastic injector cap. When injector cap snaps off you can remove the plastic injector retainer/cap and connect the remaining stub of the nylon line directly to the top of the injector with a bit of 5/16 f.i. rubber hose and two clamps (Steverino repair mod). The 1100's had metal caps btw. Penny pinching like this by BMW really affects ones confidence.

Unless he left his engine running would would not think fire as a result. The hoses can leak when they are old, hard, but usually just an annoyance and paint damage. Hose is cheap, no excuse for not changing it every 3 years. Have read on here advice to "just add an extra clamp"

Def, you might ask Goober if eliminating the pressure side QD with Wix 33323 installed under the front frame head might not be such a bad idea after all :) Resulting hose run is actually shorter and more direct than stock.

If the engine was off then a return line QD failure might still wet the header but usually won't burst in to flame. Foreign fuel more inflammable?
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