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Originally Posted by GTR27 View Post
So im new to this forum, and new to adv riding, but am considering an adv bike for my next steed. I have just written off (not my fault) my owned from new 06 GSXR1000, and thought it might be time for a change. i loved the gixxer (had handlebars and a swag of other mods) but sadly, it was taken away from me in a accident.

Currently, 95% of my riding is commuting, but i was hoping to spend a little time exploring, now im over the need for speed. since im new to dirt (have ridden some dirtbikes in a padock, but ill still consider myself new), i was thinking of a smaller adv bike.

some options ive considered now are

Husky TR650

I have a budget of about 11K AUD, and cant ride till mid jan at earliest next year (broken hand requiring pins and plates, and a broken wrist). as mentioned commuting in traffic, along highways (100kph) and normal streeta (60) is the norm, with the odd trip off road. Once i finish uni, and back in a high paying job, ill look at r1200gs etc, but for now, cheap, functional and good are requirements.

Here in oz, the klr and dr are about 2k cheaper than the husky, but the husky looks to be better std.

So since this is the dr thread - why should i buy a dr?
I had a KLR as a courtesy bike for a day or two, felt very tall and under powered. At the time I didn't have a DR so it's not a direct comparison but now I have a DR it doesn't feel tall or under powered. I like the simplicity of the DR. I had a ZX10 before the DR, so, like you, I went from a litre sportsbike to a 650 trail bike. I can honestly say that it's the best bike I've ever had. Like you, I also thought this would be a stepping stone to something like a GS or a Super Tenere but in all honesty, if someone handed me the keys to a brand new GS1200 and offered to swap bike for bike... I'd keep the DR. A bloke at work has just bought a Panigale and although it's gorgeous, if I had to ride it, I'd rather have my DR.

As you know here in Australia we have very low speed limits that are enforced with zero tolerance it seems. I'm sure owning a gixer-thou for six years in Brisbane you are familiar with speeding tickets. You won't be having this problem with the DR, it's a pleasure to ride around town, and is known affectionately here as the bush-pig for good reason
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