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Originally Posted by ThumpnRed View Post
I managed to get my grip heaters installed today. Never being one to leave anything alone, I decided that they needed improvement. I wired a relay into the circuit so they are only hot when the key is on (I know I will forget and leave the toggle switch on) and I ditched the resistor and wired in a turn signal flasher in its place. I had several extra flashers in the tool box, so I figured I would give it a try. After all, I read about it on the Internet, so it must work. The driveway test indicates that it does, indeed work! Hopefully tomorrow will yield a more thorough test.
Be careful with how the throttle side wires exit the grip. I broke a wire last weekend. I had been using the heaters for a few weeks, and loving them. I read about zip tieing them to the grip, to protect the contacts, so I did it, and it broke three hours later. I think I had put too much of a bend at the soldered contacts, and broke one. Im thinking there might be enough room to slide the heater down the grip a bit so the wire exits the grip away from the contacts, then zip tie it. Just something to look out for. It sucks bringing the thin gloves, and the losing a heater.
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